1,000 Red Wiggler Cocoons


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1000 Red Wiggler Composting Worm Cocoons.


** Orders Mailed Out Only Once Per Week on Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Product Orders After Wednesday at 6am Will Not Be Mailed Until the Following Week. **

Why buy cocoons instead of worms?  Vermicomposting (composting using worms) can be a fantastic hobby and a great way to live more organically and eco-friendly.  Worms can cost $40 per pound (1,000 worms) OR MORE.  A red wiggler cocoon can have 3-5 worms per cocoon (in perfect conditions)!  That means that 1,000 cocoons could realistically yield you as many as 3,000 or more worms!

Shipping worms can be tricky.  Worms are temperamental and can only handle temperatures from about 40-85 degrees.  Cocoons on the other hand can tolerate just about any temperature extreme.  Cocoons can go dormant and will not hatch unless conditions are suitable to their needs.  The cocoons you will receive have been shipped in burlap bags along with compost that is inoculated with healthy microbes to jump start a new bin.

*The burlap bag can be added to your bin as it is organic and non-toxic.  You will find that babies love climbing in the ridges of burlap.

*The business card is 100% post-consumer recycled paper and uses non-toxic ink.

*Nearly 100% of the items you receive from me will be able to compost in your worm bin.

Starting a bin from cocoons can be a great challenge but also an excellent way to ensure you develop good worm composting habits.  Since the worms need a suitable environment to hatch in, you will be able to tweak your bin to run perfectly as you watch cocoons hatch in the healthy ecosystem of the worm bin.

You have access to me anytime!  If you need to trouble-shoot, have questions or any concerns regarding your order I am here to help.  I guarantee that I will reply to any and all emails within 24 hours and if I don’t and your worms suffer as a result, I will refund your money.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with all sorts of information on how to hatch cocoons and get started!  I will also give you the links to my new video series on YouTube devoted to worm bin basics starting with cocoons.  I will walk you step by step through the process and explain all of the best tips, tricks and habits to get into when setting up a worm bin.


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