History of The Crazy Worm Lady

Nurse By Night, Worm Nerd By Day:

When I moved into my home about four years ago, I decided I wanted to get into gardening.  I had absolutely no idea how to take care of plants or how to grow my own vegetables but I was determined to get going with it!  The first two years we focused on landscaping and keeping some nice potted plants around the porch, but nothing too complex.  My poor mother was on speed-dial for a reason.

Just around this time, I started researching vegetable gardening.  I (try) to eat as clean as possible and the idea of knowing where my food came from was really exciting and intriguing to me.  I had a semi-successful first year of vegetable gardening.  I was able to grow squash, watermelon, hot peppers, peas, and tomatoes.  I got started a little late in the season, but I was happy that I was able to do just a little something to start off my process of cutting out the store bought crap, knowing that my plants were grown 100% organically.

I came across some forums online and stumbled across “vermicomposting”.  What the heck is this I thought?  I spent 3-4 hours in a single day reading all about the benefits of using worms to create organic soil to amend the clay-like poor ground in the yard as well as providing tons of nutrients for my plants.

I somewhat impulsively ordered myself a stacking, vertical migration bin and 1,000 worms that very day.

It all took off from there!  I fell in love with the hobby and idea of doing my part to reduce waste.  This girl, who is petrified of a little spider quickly expanded her INDOOR collection of worm bins to over 12!

I now raise red wigglers, European Night Crawlers, and African Night Crawlers.  I harvest 40-50 pounds of compost every few months!  I enjoy learning about these incredible worms and using my trial and error methods to test the limits of my systems as well as test theories on what you can and cannot do in the worm composting world.

I am using my worms for bait in my fishing endeavors and have been able to start a successful indoor garden using worm-castings in my potting mix.  I now eat fresh, organic veggies year-round and love to “play” in my worm bins.

Welcome to my crazy, nutty world!

I hope to share what I have learned and continue to learn with you!  I want to show you how composting can be simple, fun and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!