About Me

Hello and welcome to my worm composting page!  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

My name is Emily and I am the self-proclaimed “Crazy Worm Lady”.  I am a night-shift nurse who loves worms– go figure.

I fell into vermicomposting about two years ago when I decided to start a garden.  Organic was important to me and I wanted to do things right!  When researching organic gardening, I came across this weird site about using worm poop (castings) as a super-charged organic fertilizer for my plants.

I was sold!  I researched until my eyes were burning for nearly 6 hours in one day.  I bought my first 1,000 worms that night and my passion and “collection” of composting worms has snowballed from there.

I now raise four different types of worms and use commercially-made as well as DIY worm composting systems.  I am constantly pushing the limits and trying to learn and experiment more all the time.

I would love if you visit and take a peek at my YouTube channel that I have had up and running since October 2017.  You can see what I mean when I say I am “crazy”!

The Crazy Worm Lady YouTube

I am now gardening both indoors and out.  I use worm castings in all my seed starting mixes as well as to amend my soil in the garden.

I live in a rancher with a nice yard with my boyfriend of 13 years.  We enjoy hunting (well he does), fishing and all things outdoors.

I am trying to live the healthiest life possible and this is just a part of my plan.  Welcome and I hope you enjoy!